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Our menu changes with the seasons so come on down to taste today's best farm fresh ingredients of the area.


We believe everyone should get to enjoy delicious pizza!


We offer many veggie (v), vegan (vg) and dairy-free (df) options. Most pizzas can be made veggie (v) or vegan (vg) upon request.

All SPC pizzas can be made gluten-free (gf) unless otherwise noted.

Please note that our gf pizzas are made in the same ovens as our flour pizzas, and therefore are not safe for celiac customers.



A big pizza slice and a salad of your choice. $12


Choose your slice​

Adult Cheese (v)

Mushroom Mycopia (v)

Pepperoni Nirvana - Chris's Way $1

Choose a Side Salad

SPC House Salad (vg, v, df, gf)

Sunflower Seed Caesar


Served on our freshly-baked, house made sourdough roll. $14

Meatball Sandwich

Our classic beef-pork-prosciutto meatballs, SPC marinara sauce, mozzarella, Bellweather Farms Ricotta, and house made pickled vegetables on a homemade roll. 

(Medium spicy).

Veggie Sandwich (v)

Roasted carrots & red peppers, red onion, pickled cucumbers, stracciatella, daikon sprouts, avocado green goddess spread on a homemade roll.

Veggie 20.jpg


Spiced Olives (vg, v, df, gf)  $6

Warmed olives served in a citrus spiced marinade.

Wood-fired Garlic Bread (vg, v, df)  $10

House made sourdough baked to order in the wood fire oven. Topped with garlic oil & herbs, served with a side of SPC marinara.

Burrata & Golden Beets (v)  $18

Golden beets tossed in a honey mustard vinaigrette, candied kumquats, blood orange, cara caras, grapefruit, fennel, puffed barley.

Crispy Brussels Sprouts (v, gf)  $14

Aleppo pepper, salt, served with a preserved lemon aioli.

Patatas Sonoma (v, gf)  $14

Crispy local potatoes served with chili-garlic aioli.

SPC Meatballs  $18

Five of our classic beef-pork-prosciutto meatballs served in a cast iron skillet, with house made marinara, Bellwether Farms ricotta, shaved parmesan, and fried herbs. (Medium spicy)



SPC House Salad  (vg, gf, df)  $14

Local mixed greens with shaved farmstand veggies and red onion dressed in a golden balsamic vinaigrette.

Sunflower Seed Caesar (df)  $16

Little gem lettuces, housemade croutons, shaved parmesan, toasted sunflower seeds dressed in our tangy anchovy caesar dressing.


Traditional Neapolitan style pies from the wood-fired oven. The dough is made with our sourdough starter and cold fermented for 72 hours. Baked for about 90 seconds, the result is a crust that is soft & spongy with charred spots called “leoparding”. All pizzas are 12”. Vegan and gluten free options available.

WOOD-FIRED SPECIAL - The Bianca Divine (v)  $24

Marin French Brie cream, fresh mozzarella, garlic confit, oregano, parmesan.

Add mixed mushrooms $3

Add proscuitto $3

Add guanciale (pork cheek bacon) $3

Margherita (v)  $23

The crown jewel of our traditional Neapolitan pizzas! This iconic wood-fired pizza gets its name from an Italian Queen, and this is one pizza fit for royalty.


San Marzano Tomatoes,fresh mozzarella, basil, sea salt, extra virgin olive oil.

Margherita Extra (v)  $25

Our Margherita pizza, made with Buffalo Mozzarella for extra creamy pizza deliciousness.

San Marzano Tomatoes, Buffalo Mozzarella, basil, sea salt, extra virgin olive oil.

Marinara  (vg, v)  $20

The pizza that started it all. This pizza without cheese was originally enjoyed by Italian sailors, and later popularized by summertime beachgoers. Tomatoes and garlic are the stars in this delightful showstopper.


San Marzano tomatoes, roasted garlic, Calabrian chile, sea salt, extra virgin olive oil. 

Make it cheesy - add Buratta

Make it spicy - add Calabrian chili



Our signature pizzas feature a crust that is thinner and crispier than our wood-fired pizza. Cold fermented for 72 hours, with strong sourdough flavor. Baked in our Swedish electric deck oven for 4-7 minutes. All pizzas are 12”. Any SPC Pizza can be made vegetarian, vegan or gluten free.


Vegan/Veggie substitutes: Miyoko's Vegan Mozzarella,

Happy Little Plants Pepperoni, Beyond Meat Sausage

SPC PIZZA SPECIAL - Cheeseburger Pie  $26

Seasoned burger crumbles (salt, pepper, guanciale fat), tomato sauce, caramelized onion, mozzarella,

cheddar cheese, shaved Iceberg lettuce, pickles,

SPC Secret Sauce.

Adult Cheese (v)  $22

Tomato sauce, mozzarella, stracciatella, and provolone cheeses finished with grated parmesan.

Pepperoni Nirvana  $25

Tomato sauce, pepperoni, mozzarella, dried oregano. 

Chris’s Way: Bellwether Farm ricotta, basil, hot honey


Fennel Sausage  $25

Tomato Sauce, fennel sausage, mozzarella, provolone, red onion, peppadew peppers, meyer lemon gremolata.


SPC Combo  $26

Tomato sauce, pepperoni, fennel sausage, mozzarella, provolone, parmesan, Mycopia mushrooms, red onions, peppadew peppers.

Mushroom Mycopia (v)  $25

St. Jorge cream, mixed Mycopia Mushrooms, mozzarella, St. Jorge cheese, green garlic, roasted onions, chimichurri.

The Tati  $24

Fra’Mani mortadella, mozzarella, pistachios, frisee, chives, parsley, oregano, lemon, garlic confit.


Apples & Blue  $25

Prosciutto, local apples, Pt. Reyes Bay Blue cheese,  shaved garlic, mozzarella, arugula, smoked honey.

Kid’s Cheese (v)  $19

Tomato sauce, mozzarella, provolone, parmesan.


For those who live tastily.

Trio of Dips (v)  $5

Get all three of our homemade dips below.


SPC Ranch Dressing (v, gf)  $2

Crispy Garlic & Chili Oil (vg, v, df, gf)  $2

Pepperoncini & Preserved Lemon (vg, v, df, gf)  $2



Yummy yummy in your tummy.

Gelato (v, gf)  $5

Vanilla with extra virgin olive oil and sea salt, espresso or hazelnut chocolate crunch.

Sorbet (vg, v, df, gf)  $5

Strawberry, passionfruit or blood orange.



Dreamy deliciousness.

Ice Cream Float  (v, gf)  $10

Old fashioned floats featuring River City Soda!

Choose from three flavors:

- Root Beer

- Orange Creamsicle

- Shirley Temple

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